Lifestyle Interview of Sindhu Satish

Talk With Sindhu Satish – A Lifestyle Interview

Hi all, I would love to start a small segment in my blog, where I introduce people I admire the most in my life. The segment comprises some lifestyle questions and answers, given by them.

Meet bold and beautiful Sindhu Satish. Sindhu is one of the strong women I adore in my life. She is a social media specialist with a media and tech company in Luxembourg, and moonlights as a hypnotherapist. Sindhu was born and brought up in Mumbai. She, now, lives in Luxembourg. I came to know about Sindhu through Quora, where she writes thoughtful answers, which inspire thousands of people. I quickly became attracted to Sindhu’s contents and, eventually, followed her on Instagram. Her posts are so lively and where she features travel, fashion, and lifestyle. Let’s get to know more about Sindhu.


1.What does your typical day look like?

Sindhu: I like productive days, so this is how my day looks like


2. What are the challenges you have faced in your life?

Sindhu: In terms of challenges, there have been a few challenges, however, I would like to focus on the fact that I am super grateful for having the life I have, and the family and partner I have. When I have them, these challenges seem really small for me to even talk about them 🙂


3. What keeps you motivated in your life? Do you plan your day ahead?

Sindhu: Being grateful and recognizing the things that I have, keeps me motivated. The fact that there are so many exciting opportunities and so many interesting places to visit further keeps me motivated.


4. I have seen your beautiful travel pictures. How important is travel for you?

Sindhu: I love traveling. It’s one of those things that gives me immense joy while doing it. The thrill of landing in a new country and experiencing a new culture is like no other 🙂 I hope to visit my 50th country in the next year.


5. What are your hobbies apart from traveling?

Sindhu: I like writing, learning different things on social media (which is also connected to the work I do), and working out.


6. Do you have any tips and tricks that help you get through a bad day?

Sindhu: My favorite tips and tricks to get through a bad day are hitting the gym, speaking with my parents/ sister/ husband, eating my favorite food, and listening to some music.


7. What are your future goals in life? Do you have a bucket list?

Sindhu: I do have a list of short term v/s long term goals, but I normally don’t speak about it until I achieve those things 🙂


8. Do you have any piece of advice to give to my women readers?

Sindhu: I’d just like to say that you are amazing. A bad day or a missed opportunity doesn’t define you. You are so much more than that, and once you begin to realize that you deserve the good things, that’s pretty much when they come to you:)


I hope you enjoyed my small talk with Sindhu. You will definitely get inspired by her Quora answers as well as her Instagram posts.

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