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A Healthy Burger Story – Cooking Blog

I’m not crazy about junk food. I often crave for a good biryani or icecream and, that’s it. Recently, I was watching all Colleen Ballinger Mukbang videos and, I instantly started craving Burger and fries. I didn’t desire to order a burger from the popular junk food brands but, still wanted to have it. When I noticed the burger buns at the grocery store, the idea of making a burger at home seeded in my mind. I determined to make a shredded chicken masala instead of a patty. I’m not a fan of Mayo and, cheese makes small pimples appear on my face. A better healthy substitute for cheese and mayonnaise was the hummus. I love Hummus, especially Veggie sticks and hummus. I purchased some Onions and cucumber to stack the burger.

A burger is incomplete without fries. I decided to oven roast the potato instead of making fries.

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Preparations for the burger:

1. Shredded the chicken breasts and marinated in a mixture made of lime, salt, chilly, turmeric and, ginger-garlic paste, for an hour.

Burger Blog - Marinating the Chicken















2. Cut a large onion and a tomato.


Burger Blog - Cutting Onions and Tomatoes















3. Cut onion and cucumber in a circle and, marinated in lime juice.

Preparations for the potato roast:

1. Sliced the potato in length.
2. Mixed some salt, turmeric and, oil.

Burger Blog - Making the Potato Roast














Cooking fun:

1. sauteed the marinated chicken, onion and, tomato, by adding oil, turmeric, salt, chilly, coriander, and pepper.


Burger Blog - sauteing the Onions Chicken and Tomatoes














2. Closed the lid and cooked in simmer for 20 minutes.


Burger Blog - Cooking the Masala Chicken














3. Cut the sesame seeded burger bun and toasted.

4. Roasted the potato slices in the oven, for 20 minutes.

Stacking the burger:


1. Spread the Hummus over the bun.



Burger Blog - Spreading the Hummus














2. Placed the marinated round-cut onion.


Burger Blog - Stacking the Onion














3. spread the chicken masala.


Burger Blog - Stacking the Masala Chicken














4. placed the marinated cucumber and, add the extra hummus.

Burger Blog - Almost Done Cooking














5. Closed the stack.

6. Enjoyed the burger with the yummy potato roast and a little bit of ketchup. Nom Nom!


Burger Story - A Cooking Blog















I had a lot of fun making this burger and, I enjoyed a very bit of it. Hope you liked the story too and, please let me know your comments below.


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