Easy DIY Wall Art - Little Things Make you Happy

Little Things that Make You Happy – DIY Dandelion Wall Art Home Decor

I have watched Anjali Menon’s interview, in which she told she always want to do everything at the very right moment and, she doesn’t procrastinate. She is a follower of ”Live in the moment”. I don’t know if it’s the side-effect of ageing, I have started becoming extremely happy in accomplishing little goals, making little things like small interior decorations and crafts. I have already become successful in remodelling my used dining table.

I admire the wall arts, especially the wall quotes. I possess a few in my home and, one of them is a gift. I have seen many DIY wall arts which are cool to try out. One day the idea of oil painting popped in my head but, I didnt know how I could accomplish it. I didn’t have any knowledge about how the oil paints work. I thought it would be as easy as the water paints. A few months ago, I noticed the Dandelion arts on Instagram (The dandelion with floaties coming off). Since its the easiest and safest thing to draw (in my mind), I decided to create a Dandelion art and, frame it.

I went to the Day to Day ( Dollar shop) and, bought myself the oil paints, brushes and, an easy-to-do frame. Plus, I had managed to get an A4 size white cover from a notepad. So, it’s time for me to search for the easy Dandelion art tutorial. I figured out the basic Dandelion structure. Even though I knew my painting wouldn’t to be perfect, I wanted to try my best to make it look decent. I searched the Internet for ‘how to do oil painting’ and, I was taken aback by the fact that I did not have the Linseed oil with me. Linseed oil is the medium used in Oil painting and, it helps in mixing the colors. The next day, I bought the Linseed oil and became all ready for the DIY.

Since I was using the normal hard paper as the canvas, I was told to apply a primer before applying the oil paints. But, I doubted if the primer would work on the paper or not and, I didn’t want to make the whole thing complicated. I just wanted to attempt painting and, frame it so that I could look at it and, feel happy.


1. I mixed the white and the pink colors and, using a broad brush, I painted the background (because I love the baby pink color).

DIY Wall Art - Mixing the Oil Paints













DIY Wall Art - Start the Oil Painting















2. The whole dandelion painting was good, except for the white floaties. The strands could have been a little bit longer. But, as I told you earlier, it’s okay for me if it’s not perfect.

DIY Wall Art - An Easy Dandelion Oil Paint














It took two days for the paint to dry entirely and, I was very much impatient.

3. Now it’s time for me to frame the painting. Since we already had an easy-to-use frame, I just had to place the art and close the frame.

Easy DIY Wall Art - Little Things Make you Happy















4. I placed the art on a small cupboard in the living room.

I’m extremely glad that I made the art and, even though it’s a small achievement, it adds infinite joy in my life. I hope you liked my blog post and, I hope it gives you a tiny inspiration to do what makes you happy. Please let me know your thoughts through the comments.

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