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Hey, my friends! How are you? I hope you had a great Eid and you have enjoyed it with your friends and family. Though we had got about a week of holidays for Eid, I did not plan it properly. And, the very last moment, some of our friends invited us to join them for a trip to Musandam. I never thought Musandam is near to where I live. It’s only about 2 hours from Ras Al-Khaimah. I have seen many pics on the deal websites, these beautiful boats, and turquoise green sea.

Boat Ride at Oman Musandam















We left our home early, by 7:30 am, we crossed Sha’am and reached the UAE-Oman border by 8: 30. Musandam is in Oman and hence, we needed to get the on-arrival Visa. Because of Eid, there were many visitors at the office and, we had to wait for about 2 and a half hours to get our visas stamped. By 11:00 am, we started from the border, along with a beautiful view of the sea, to Musandam. We reached Musandam by 12:00 pm and, our boat ride was at 1:30 pm. Since we got some time to kill, we decided to have our lunch from a nearby restaurant. We had fish biryani and then, after half an hour, the tour agent guided us to the dock.

The Dhow Cruise, made from wood moreover, possessed ample space for 50 people. They greeted us with refreshment and, then, we began our tour through the turquoise ocean. The deal we had signed up for included the tour, Dolphin watch and, swimming in the middle of the ocean (those who don’t know swimming was able to float in the water by wearing life jackets). The sea was inexplicably beautiful, surrounded by rocky mountains.

Musandam Boat Ride Specialities













Refreshments at the Musandam boat ride















Even though its summer here, you dont feel the heat when you are on the Dhow cruise. As the boat goes fast, you always get a breeze. After some minutes, we were provided with healthy snacks and, then it was time for us to watch cute dolphins. They even race along with the boat and, we were lucky enough to see one mama and a baby dolphin. They swam around our boat and it was a mesmerizing experience. Oh! Also, we saw angel-like Jellyfishes, peacefully swimming in the sea.

















After traveling for another 10 minutes the boat had been anchored at an island called Telegraph Island. The Island got its name because the British people used the island as a hub for telegraph stations. Though the island was just a few meters away, the ocean was still deep and, the tour agents allowed people to swim with the help of life jackets. We stayed there for another 45 minutes and, by that time, everyone grew tired.

















The overall experience was amazing and, I never got bored of watching the turquoise ocean and those Rocky Mountains. If you are planning to travel to Musandam via Ras Al Khaimah, you will be greeted with a magnificent view of the ocean along the road and moreover, the view of the sunset is out of this world. You will be able to see the horizon kissing the sea and, you would think how blessed you are to be on this beautiful planet.

Beautiful view of horizon in Musandam










Even though the Dhow cruise ride was fantastic, I would recommend you to go in winter so that you could avoid the heat. I hope you enjoyed my short travel blog. Please let me know your comments below.


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