A Trip to Dubai Miracle Garden 2019 – Mini Travel Blog

Living in UAE for almost 3 years, I adore everything about the country. Im extremely grateful for leading a decent life, meeting people from different countries, and..the list is long. Dubai always amazes and inspires me to work hard towards my life goals. In addition to giving financial security, Dubai allows me to have little pleasures at an affordable price like Global Village, Miracle Garden, Water Canal, Abra, and Dubai Garden Glow.

One of my most favourite places to visit in Dubai is the Miracle Garden.

Miracle garden is located at Al Barsha, Dubai and, it extends over 72,000 square meters, forming it the world’s biggest natural flower garden emphasizing over 50 million flowers (credit Wikipedia). Being a flower lover, but love to see those on plants, Miracle garden is my absolute favourite. The garden was first opened for public in 2013 on Valentine’s Day and, it has been operated in October to April, particularly in the winter season.

Benches at Miracle Garden Dubai
























I have been to the Miracle Garden twice and, my recent visit was a week ago. Compared to the last year, they have added many new features including the Disney characters, installed after the new deal with Walt Disney. The whole garden is about a 3 hours walk. The cats at the gate were the first thing I awed, followed by the beautiful Turtle Pond. Candy shop and Ice cream shops on the way definitely fascinated me even though I’m an adult.

Cat at Miracle Garden Dubai

Cat at Miracle Garden Dubai – I could not picture his head though!























Candy Shop at Dubai Miracle Garden




















Arches decorated with beautiful creepers, flowers, and umbrellas were eye soothing and made cool shades on sunny days. The benches located several places in the garden are instant stretch providers in between the walk.

Umbrellas in Miracle Garden Dubai-min

























I got excited to see Flower Emirates flight which was also there, the last year. As I mentioned earlier, there were new additions to the Garden this year, after the deal with Walt Disney. Mickey, Donald Duck, and, Goofy made of flowers as well as green leaves are alluring to look at.


Emirates Flight at Miracle Garden Dubai






















Disney Characters at Dubai Miracle Garden



























Now we have almost come to an end of Miracle Garden Tour. Apart from the small shops, the garden has all kinds of restaurants inside it. I have forgotten to mention about the shops where you can buy a souvenir as you leave the garden. Also, they have ample space for conducting different events.



Sovenirs at Miracle Garden Dubai


























Hope you liked my mini Dubai Miracle Garden travel blog. I would strongly recommend you to visit the Miracle Garden if you are planning to visit Dubai in the winter. The post is just a teaser and, you have got many other features to see and enjoy.

//This is not a sponsored post but just a blog.

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