Holiday Simmering Potpourri Recipe

Holiday Simmering Potpourri – Natural Room Freshener

Merry Christmas, everyone! So how’s your Christmas preparation going on? It’s become entertainment for me to check all the decorations on Instagram. The fairy lights, hot chocolates, and scented candles always make me feel festive!

Talking about the hot chocolate, I have had it from Tim Hortons as well as Starbucks. But I think homemade hot chocolates (with Marshmallows) are way delicious than the shop bought ones. What’s your thought? I have already planned to buy fairy lights. And, now, coming to the scented candles, I always wanted to try Christmasy candles (with Vanilla and Spices). I exactly knew from where I needed to buy those candles as I had seen the ads everywhere. Still, I was doubtful of the side-effects of the scented candles, as the fragrances always scare me a bit!

I wanted my home to smell Christmasy but I was not aware of the health hazards caused by scented candles. Furthermore, we live in an apartment with less air circulation. As always, I decided to Google and, thousands of facts popped up! The first point was “Scented candle is a huge source of indoor air pollution”. The articles had mentioned a lot of dangerous chemicals. What!! my dreams just shattered into pieces. I had watched several videos on a loop which told I should not try the candles and the reason started from the wicks. The wicks used in almost all scented candles are composed of metals like lead and, burning these wicks produces hazardous gases. Even, the paraffin waxes produce the equivalent effect of diesel fumes.

I did not want to take the risk at that point but, definitely wanted to make my home smell amazing. My next option was to buy oil diffuser but, we cannot trust all essential oils available in the market. The oils might contain chemicals. I searched the Internet for a healthy alternative and stumbled upon Simmering Potpourri. Potpourri is made of a blend of fruits and spices, used as a natural air-freshener and, it is prepared by simmering the mixture on the stove.


Holiday Simmering Potpourri Recipe
















I instantly realized this was what I wanted! All ingredients were easily available and, I only had to buy oranges. Once it started simmering, the aroma spread all over the room and it was extremely soothing. The Potpourri is easy to prepare as you need to combine everything, add water and, put the mixture to simmer.

Ingredients :

Orange peels – 2 Oranges
Lemon – 1, sliced
Cinnamon sticks – 2
Clove – 4 to 5
Nutmeg – 2
Vanilla Extract – 3 drops

How to Prepare:

Mix everything in a saucepan and add water.
Keep the stove on low flame.
The aroma starts coming once the mixture begins simmering.
Once you have used, you can close the lid. You can reuse it by adding water until the entire mixture becomes completely rotten.

This whole Potpourri thing is new to me and, I’m glad I could find a natural alternative for room-fresheners. Now, I want to try the Oil Diffusers, only if I find non-hazardous essential oils. I hope you liked the post and, you should try it too. If you are aware of brands that sell essential oils, without chemicals, please do comment down below.


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