Diwali Decoration 2018

How I Celebrated Diwali 2018

If you are waiting for a fancy post about the Diwali celebration as seen in Bollywood movies, I’m sorry that you might get disappointed. I’m kind of dumb when it comes to festivals and celebrations. I feel like it doesn’t make any sense to take the effort to decorate or (shhh.. waste the money). I usually celebrate Onam at home (once in a year), particularly by making Onam Sadya.

If you are not aware of Onam Sadya, I will post a picture.


Kerala Onam Sadya















The thought of celebrating Diwali this year was quite spontaneous. When I was about to leave my home in the morning, I noticed my neighbour’s Rangoli and Diyas (small coloured oil lamps). My neighbours are from Andhra Pradesh and they always have full-fledged Diwali celebrations at home. My first thought was only to gift them the Diwali sweets. But by the afternoon, I was craving some Murukku and Moongdal Payasam. I didn’t want to buy the Murukku or Payasam but wanted to make those myself. I had never made Murukku till then and so I searched about 15 recipes online. I was excited to go home and cook.

Coming back from the office, we stopped by the Lulu (grocery store) and, bought the sweets to gift my neighbour. We also bought Diyas and other things needed for Murukku and Payasam. As soon as I reached home, I took a quick bath and got dressed up in Desi attire. I lit all the Diyas and then surprised my neighbour with the Sweets (They gave us some home cooked snacks in return).


Diwali Decoration 2018
















I did not have any time to waste as I needed to make the Murukku (which was the most difficult one to cook). I found an easy recipe and made the Murukku dough and simultaneously started making the Moongdal Payasam.


Murukku Dough Snacks Indian

















The Murukku came out notably good and within half an hour, the Payasam was ready. My Desi dil (heart) was not satisfied enough with the snacks, and I had to cook the main meal. I made some vegetable Pulao using all available vegetables.


Diwali Food Cooking















Honestly, it took much time to cook everything but, by the end, I was extremely happy and satisfied. I hope that is the point of all celebrations, to have quality time with your family and make yourself happy. We ate the snacks and after some time, we had our dinner.

I was extremely proud of myself not only because of the celebration we had but also because my will to take some effort to make us happy. Hope you enjoyed the blogpost and I would also like to know about the best celebration you had recently. Please write your comments below.

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