Refreshing Apple Mocktail

Refreshing Apple Mocktail – Recipe

In my life, I have made an intentional decision to avoid packaged juices filled with sugar. But, definitely said yes to natural juices. Orange is my favourite fruit and, I can have it anytime in a day. On the flip side, Apple is my least favourite and, I never get excited about having Apple juices.

I have bought these apples by having a thought that I could mix it with oatmeal and eat for breakfast. However, these days, I’m more into Dosa and, the apples have been in the fridge for almost a week. I didn’t want to waste those apples but, neither wanted to eat. That’s how the idea of Apple juice emerged into my mind and, while I was searching Pinterest, I got a recipe of apple juice, made by boiling the apples with Cinnamon. I found it great and right away wanted to try it.


Apples and Cinnamon
















Once the apple became soft, blended it by adding more water. Honestly, I didn’t like the output and, the juice was kind of bland.


Boiling Apple with Cinnamon
















I love adding ginger and lime into the juices. So, I blended both and, filtered the juice. Then, I mixed both (Apple juice and ginger-lime mix). For additional taste, I added 2 tablespoons of honey (which is completely optional). I totally loved this mocktail and I never expected it to be delicious. The after-taste was pretty incredible as the punch of ginger and lemon was remarkably refreshing.

Refreshing Apple Mocktail

















1. Apples – 3 medium
2. Cinnamon – 1 stick
3. Ginger – 2 small square
4. Lime – 1
5. Honey – 2 tablespoons (optional)

How to do

1. Boil apples with enough water and cinnamon stick.
2. Once the apples become soft, blend the mixture and, filter it out.
3. Blend the ginger + lime and, filter the juice.
4. Add enough water and add the honey if you want to enhance the sweetness.


Hope you liked the post and you may definitely try it at home. If you have got any other interesting Mocktail recipes, please comment down below.



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