What is inside my crossbody bag

What’s Inside My Crossbody Bag – What’s in My Handbag

Growing up, I was always curious about whats inside others handbags. I used to check my moms handbag every day to see what she had carried in it. My cousin sisters were annoyed by this behaviour and, they even hid their things from me. Today, I get excited about the Whats inside my bag videos and, I could watch these videos on a loop.

People carry different things in their bags and, I carry the basic things that are useful in my daily life. I recently bought this crossbody bag and, I find it very convenient since it has got a perfect size yet, it is spacious. Lets dig into my bag.


Hope you liked the post! If you are equally enthusiastic about ‘what’s inside the bag’ videos, please do comment below. Also, please let me know what all things do you carry in your handbags everyday.


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