My Love for Stacked Bracelets and Bangles

My Love for Stacked Bracelets and Bangles

If Im crazy about anything in jewellery, it is the stacked bracelets. What I really admire is the mismatched combinations and, they complement each other beautifully.

Following are my most favourite pairs of stacked bracelets that I own. These are not expensive ones but, certainly long-lasting.


1. Turquoise Beaded Huge Bracelet


Huge Turquoise Beaded Bracelet



















It’s a kind of Indian folklore bracelet. It is the most worn one and, has got a story behind. When I was in India, these kinds of bracelets were always available in the streets. However, I never bought those because I thought I wouldn’t suit my hands. But years after, when I saw those again, I didn’t think twice but grabbed it asap. I usually wear it with long tops and, it definitely adds elegance to my outfit.


2. Rose Gold Bracelets with Pearls




Rose Gold Stacked Bracelets


















I am extremely fond of pearls as well as Rose Gold. When I saw those together, I couldn’t help but buy it quickly. One of the bracelets in the stack has got a small bell also.


3.Stacked Bracelets with Pearls


Pearl and Silver Stacked Bracelets




















Like I mentioned before, I love pearls, also the black metal/silver. I had bought this one from India. I don’t wear it often and, I don’t know why!


4. Silver / Black Metal Bracelets with Pink



Stacked Bracelet Pink


















This is just similar to the above bracelet, except having a pink bangle in the center. I usually pair it with neutral as well as bright coloured dresses.


5. Golden – Zebra Bracelets


Golden Zebra Stacked Bracelets



















The gold-zebra printed bracelet is the first ever stacked bangle /bracelet I owned. I found it really fascinating, even though it was a little bit pricey.


6. Boho Red Bracelets



Red Boho Kitty Bracelets



















This is the most recent bracelet I bought. This is a boho fashioned bracelet with the red beaded highlight. It has got a cute kitty too!

Even though I have got several sets of stacked bracelets, I love to mismatch and wear according to my outfit of the day. I hope you enjoyed my blog post and let me know your comments below.



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