DIY Furniture painting makeover

Dining Table Makeover DIY – Old Furniture Makeover

Hi, Everyone! If you have gone through my previous blogs, you already know that I have moved to a new apartment in Ras Al Khaimah. We wanted to throw some of our furniture away and buy new ones, which obviously was an expensive idea. Spending huge amount of money was not our agenda but, we desperately wanted to replace the old ones with decent and neat ones. Usually, we don’t think much while buying stuff (which lead to wasting a lot of money on unwanted things ).

One day, I was sitting on the couch and going through the Instagram accounts that display adorable interiors. Most of the interior decors were DIY. I didn’t waste much time there and immediately searched for some furniture DIY. The highlight was the ‘old furniture makeover using paint’. Our dining table was small, made of plywood and, the colour on the table top was almost faded. From the DIYs, the best option for us was to paint and accessorize.

I checked for the apt paint and finally found Jotun Fenomatic Pure Color Paint in the colour ‘Warm Blush’, which is also a matte shade. The guy in the paint shop recommended it and told me it was the best long-lasting paint and, unconditionally suitable for interiors and furniture. Plus, It didn’t need the primer, which is a great advantage.

Let’s move to the procedures!

Step 1: Sanding

Firstly, I had sanded the legs of the chairs and the table top. This is the most difficult as well as the most boring step in the makeover.

Sanding and painting the furniture

















Step2: Painting

Once, I finished the sanding, I cleaned the furniture and proceeded to paint. Painting furniture is the most therapeutic thing that I have ever done in my life.



Painting the Furniture DIY

















Step 3: Accessorizing

I didn’t want my furniture to be accessorized intensely and, my main agenda was to make the furniture last longer. In order to protect the paint from fading, I threw some tie cushions and, I put covers on the upper part of the chairs.

I wanted to protect my table top from the heat and the stains but still, wanted to display the colour. Hence, I threw a transparent table clothe and, accessorized the top with funky Placemats.


DIY Furniture painting makeover
















I’m so happy and grateful that I could do the whole makeover at a very low budget. Majority of the accessories has been bought from the Rak Palace and Day-To-Day. Also, Jotun Paint did cost only 60 AED. Nothing came easy and, the whole process took almost one week to complete, including 3 days of muscle pain (wink wink). I hope the blog gives you a tiny inspiration if you are about to spend a lot of money on your furniture. I would suggest you check for the best DIY options available before dumping your old furniture. If you liked the post, please do comment down below. Godspeed!!!!


Paint: Jotun Fenomatic Pure Color Paint in the colour ‘Warm Blush

Accessories: Rak Palace, Ras Al Khaimah


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