Evening Walk at Ras Al Khaimah

Moving to Ras Al Khaimah and Finding Peace of Mind

I’m so happy and grateful to shift to Ras Al Khaimah. I’ve been living in UAE for 3 years and I adore the nation as well as the lifestyle. We, I and my husband, were staying in Sharjah and, working in Dubai. As my husband got the job in Ras Al Khaimah and I was having some health issues, we chose to move to Ras Al Khaimah. Also, I’m grateful that my manager gave me job-transfer to Ras Al Khaimah branch.


The first thing we did was finding accommodation near to my office. After a long hunt, we got an apartment in a peaceful place. One of the most appealing features about RAK is the calm environment. Traffic is less compared to other Emirates and RAK is rich in natural beauty, encompassed by Jebel Jais and the Arabian Sea. We are lucky enough to enjoy both views from our apartment, Sunrise at Jebel Jais and, Sunset in the Arabian Sea.


Sunset in Arabian Sea Ras Al Khaimah
















Sunrise in Jebel Jais Ras Al Khaimah




























Aside from the genuine feelings of serenity, I could take care of my health by having healthy food and a daily evening walk through the customized track. This all happened because I could save a lot of time (before I was travelling for 4 hours a day and now it is only for 10 minutes) and, I’m extremely grateful to my managers.

Evening Walk at Ras Al Khaimah


























That is my lovely husband in the background!

Now if you assume that Ras Al Khaimah is not sophisticated, you are absolutely wrong! RAK has access to anything and everything in the world and, it is a perfect hub for foreign tourists. There are more than 25 Star hotels and resorts in RAK and, the majority of these hotels is by Hilton, including Double TreeMarjan Island by Hilton.

Talking about brands, you are able to buy Starbucks-to-Harley-Davidson. Al Hamrah mall is one of the top interest of locals as well as foreigners.


Credit: www.dubaicity.com













After describing all these, despite everything, l do miss some good things in Dubai as well as Sharjah. Some of them are my colleagues, friends, Burj Khalifa, and JLT.

Hope you liked reading my blog and if so, please express your opinions through the comments. I will be updating the blog on a regular basis from now and don’t miss my Instagram updates.


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