Nivea Products Review - Creme And Deodorant

My Love for Nivea Products – Pearl Beauty Anti-Perspirant And Classic Creme

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.

If you ask me which is my most loved skincare brand, without any doubt, I would say it is Nivea. Every product of Nivea goes well with my skin, including lip balms (Labello). It’s mainly because of Nivea’s creamy fragrance and texture.

Nivea Products Review - Creme And Deodorant















This post is about two of my favourite Nivea products; Nivea classic moisturizer and my all time favorite Pearl and Beauty Anti-Perspirant. Both are super essential as well as goto products for me.

Nivea classic moisturizer, simply Nivea Creme, brings back so many childhood memories. We used to call mainly for 2 products ‘cremes’; Nivea and Oil of Ulay. These came all the way from GCC to my home those days as gifts some uncles and aunts. I’m amazed by the fact that Nivea hasn’t changed the packaging yet and the Navy blue metallic container with white writing has been quite popular all over the world. My moisturizers switch between Nivea and Himalaya and when it comes to fragrance, I always choose Nivea as its moisturizing effect is exceptional. It contains citric acid and glycerin and is free of preservatives and dermatologically approved.

My next absolute favorite thing is Nivea Pearl & Beauty Anti-Perspirant and, It’s just like emotion for me. I love fragrances even if it is a body mist, deodorants or, a perfume (except Adidas Climacool ). Unfortunately, the majority of the perfumes doesn’t work for me (except Adidas Climacool) and, I always feel odd about it. My body odour becomes too weird when sweat mixes with perfumes, except for Nivea Anti-Perspirant. The Pearl & Beauty has a creamy texture and, the fragrance also is creamy. It works well with my body and, the beneficial thing is, it lasts for hours.

I have been using this antiperspirant for almost 5 years. I have given a try on almost all deodorants, including floral and fruity ones. I always came back to Nivea Pearl & Beauty and, I couldn’t find anything to replace it. Oh! I forgot to tell you that I also like the classic Nivea Fresh deodorant. It holds the classic smell of Nivea Creme. But, my ever favourite deodorant is always Nivea Pearl & Beauty.

Have you ever tried Nivea products? And please let me know which is your favorite fragrance so that I can give it a try.


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