Egg Dhaba Punjabi Restaurant Dubai Interiors

An Amazing Lunch At Egg Dhaba – Jumeirah Lakes Towers Dubai

Yay!! I’m so thrilled to write this post as this is about Food. I have recently been to Egg Dhaba at Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai. It’s a Punjabi restaurant exclusively for Egg lovers. I literally wished I were an egg lover so that I could taste multiple dishes from there.

The Egg dishes begin from Maskaban Omelette to Egg Kadai and more. My mouth was agape when I read the Menu. There were many other Punjabi dishes and, since being a Punjabi food lover, I was extremely happy and grateful to taste the food.

I went to Egg Dhaba for lunch and, it was just a few meters away from my office. I was excited to enter the restaurant as it had beautiful interiors and seating arrangements with a view to Jumeirah Lakes. Also, some Punjabi shows had been played on the TV, which enhanced the whole Punjabi ambience.

Egg Dhaba Jumeirah Lakes Towers View











Egg Dhaba Punjabi Restaurant Dubai Interiors










Egg Dhaba Dubai Interiors











Entertainment At Egg Dhaba Dubai
















Punjabi people are very good at hosting and, they always make sure that they treat their guests properly. People at the restaurant were fantastic and, they had arranged the best seating for me.

I was astonished to see the menu as it was filled with delicious Punjabi cuisines. Like I mentioned before, Egg-fans would love the menu and, would become confused. I wanted something light to eat and, needed something that could make my tummy full. I ordered Chicken Roll as well as a tea. I was expecting a small roll but, when the food came, I got surprised to see a big roll which was cut into two pieces. I could not express how happy I was when I had my first bite, and of course, by adding the tomato sauce.

Chicken Roll At Egg Dhaba Dubai










Delicious Chicken Roll At Egg Dhaba Dubai















As I’m a massive tea-lover, I finished my lunch with a chai (tea) and, that too Punjabi Dhaba chai.

Punjabi Dhaba Chai At Egg Dhaba Dubai













Altogether, my lunch was wonderful and perfectly satisfying. I will definitely visit Egg Dhaba again, to try more desi cuisines. If you are in Dubai and if you are a fan of Indian cuisine, you should visit Egg Dhaba at least once (worth visiting over and over).

Location: Cluster H, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai.

I would like to review restaurants and, if you have got any other restaurants which are worth visiting, please comment down below. Love you, guys!!!



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