Healthy and Easy to Prepare Orange Tea - Recipe

Healthy And Tasty Orange Tea – Recipe

Hi, ladies! I’m a massive tea lover and, I love to have my tea by adding sweeteners. If it’s black tea, I usually squeeze a lemon into it and add a lot of sugar to make it extra sweet.

Because of my sweet tooth, the body sugar level increased and, I had been forced to ditch the sugar. It’s definitely frustrating for me to have my black tea without sweeteners and, I was looking forward to getting a healthier option. I thought to add some honey to the tea but, later came to realize that honey too increases the body sugar level. Thus, this brilliant idea of the Orange Tea came to my mind and, I had decided to try it.



  1. Tea – half teaspoon
  2. Water – one glass
  3. Orange Juice – of an orange


  1. Add tea once the water starts boiling and pour it into the cup.
  2. Squeeze the orange and separate the juice.
  3. Blend the orange juice and tea well.

Now the Orange tea is ready to serve! Hope you enjoyed the recipe and once you try it, please comment your opinion below.

Note: You should not add tea dust in excess as the intensity of the tea kills the whole taste of the mixture.

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