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My 5 Easy Skin Care Tips for Busy Women – Guest Blog

I have always loved anything to do with skin-care, and simple but effectiveDIY treatmentsat home. I have grown up watching my mother use the most easily available ingredients and apply different kinds of masks, scrubs, doing her own at-home facials and religiously taking care of her skin. Believe me, she is 50+ but hardly even looks her age!

So needless to say, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree! Although I do try the occasional salon treatments, and of course also recommend different products to my mother and my friends/ family, I try my best to stick to the most natural, organic, and cost-effective products & treatments as possible, because I honestly believe true beauty starts from within; and so the very first thing we need to pay attention to is, of course, our diet & nutrition, and try to use natural supplements when possible to fill the nutrition gaps in our body, helping us to heal from within!

But now, as a busy mum of two toddlers that monkey all around the house, I am sure I speak for most mothers out there when I say” I DON’T HAVE TIME OR THE PATIENCE TO DO ELABORATE BEAUTY TREATMENTS ON MYSELF”. I hear you mama, so don’t worry, based on my past 10 years of experience at the very least, I have some TOP TIPS for you to take care of your skin and keep you looking like the gorgeous woman you are !


1.Nighty Night– Yup! My skin care regime starts before bedtime. Very simple; Night is when our body shuts down and begins healing, so any product you apply at night works its magic as we sleep. So here’s what I do:

Coconut For Your Skin Care

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* Massage with Virgin Coconut Oil OR VirginOlive Oil – Warm it slightly using the heat of your hands, and using your fingertips, massage in circular motions, and massage your face, neck and temples for a good 2 – 3 minutes.

* Give extra love and care to your eyes, ensuring the oil reaches the roots of your eyelashes as well. This will also boost lash growth and keep your eyes looking fresh and shiny !

* Using a cotton pad, wipe away any makeup residue (Coconut oil works perfectly as a makeup remover!)

TIP: Do not wash your face ! Let the oil get absorbed into your facial skin.

2. Rise & Shine – Literally! You will see the amazing glow on your face in the morning from the nourishment of the previous night!

Himalaya Herbals For Cleansing Your Skin

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* Use a mild Scrub cum Cleanser as this saves you the time of using two separate products. I personally use the Himalaya brand of Apricot Facial Scrub Cleanser
* I also use the Himalaya Orange Face Wash on alternate days.

Use the scrub and Face wash on Alternate Days!

3. Some TLC – Moisturize your skin!

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* Freeze some Rose Water + 2-3 drops of Tea Tree Oil or Aloe Vera Gel + Tea Tree Oil in an Ice Cube Tray, and each time after you wash your face, take out one of these ice cubes and rub it all over your face. Let it naturally air dry , do not pat dry. Trust me, when you do this regularly you will be amazed at how your skin quality improves in a short period of time ! (This is known as Ice Cube Therapy but I just upped the game a bit instead of using plain water! ). It is great for acne, and/or if you have problem skin or sensitive skin! Tea Tree Oil is a fantastic natural anti-inflammatory and also effective to treat acne scars !
* If you have oily skin, I personally recommend the Aloe Menthol Cooling Cream from the Qubbles Bath & Body Shop; It is especially useful during the summer heat as it leaves the skin feeling fresh & cool plus moisturizes and clears your complexion! I have seen a marked improvement in my skin in the past 1 month that I have been regularly using this product. It is extremely affordable too!


4. Weekly Deep Cleansing – Okay! So I take out some time for myself during the weekend, to do some deep cleansing of my skin!* Use a good Cleanser and cleanse-clean your skin. I know we can all try and spare 30-40 minutes for ourselves right? What I do is I try to work around my routine; for example, I would leave the mask on and go about tidying up the house and before I know it, my mask is dry and house is tidy! 😉

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* Apply a deep cleaning scrub – I use the natural, Herbal Lightening Scrub from Al Shaikha Salon , made out of dried orange peels, turmeric and a bunch of other herbal ingredients! Extremely effective for all types of skin and as tan removal!

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* Use a Facial Massage Cream – I use the VLCC Home Facial Kit or the Lotus Massage Cream
* End with a Mask! – I use a Berry Facial Mask (powder from different varieties of Berries and a bit of rose water)! It floods my skin with antioxidants from the berries and leaves my face with a glow in just under 10 minutes!


5. Nourishment from WITHIN! – It is essential and I cannot emphasize on this enough; that along with regular intake of water, we ought to make up for the lost nutrients in our body by supplementing with organic, natural, plant-based wholefood nutrition as and when we can! Majority of us do not consume the WHO recommended variety of fruits, vegetables and berries in a day that our body actually requires for optimum cell health. This has the most radical effect of our skin especially on our face, because that’s where we first start showing signs of age!

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* As women, our body’s chemical composition is very different than that of men; and especially with a number of hormonal changes that occur within our body, it is extremely important to nourish our body with the goodness of plants, as nature has the best quality of antioxidants in the form of berries! But lets face it – who among us can actually claim to eat various types of organically grown berries on a daily basis?? Even if we tried, it would be way more expensive and not affordable by the vast majority! But every woman deserves to look her best and keep looking fresh while ageing gracefully right?
* Well, I started taking the highest quality of natural, organic Berry Supplements available in the market out there today, and let me tell you now, the changes I have seen in my skin, hair and overall health is astonishing, to say the least!

So these are my regularly followed Top Skin Care tips, especially for you ladies! Do follow them and let me know whether they have helped you.

If you would like to know more about my Skincare and Health regime, or if you have any particular skin-related queries, send me an e-mail at and subscribe yourself to receive a FREE brand new E-book consisting of loads of tips and remedies to keep you looking fresh, glowing and gorgeous as ever!

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