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No Excuses – What do these words mean to a busy mom! – GuestBlog

Yup. I’ve read it and internalized it and tried to stand by it as much as I could. But with this being the month of Ramadan, the dishes pile up, the laundry overflows, the kids are on hyper-mode, and me barely getting enough sleep to recharge my overworked mind, I couldn’t help but wonder whether these were my excuses or my genuine roadblocks! No doubt Ramadan is a busy month and if anything, it teaches us the importance of prioritizing.

Raise your hand if you have ever felt you wanted to (and somewhere deep down you knew you could have!) do much more than what you actually managed to!

If you’re anything like me, I know you have gone down the guilt-trip and then tried to bounce back from it over and over again, failing each time, simply because it was extremely convenient to hide behind the duties and the responsibilities rather than to get out of the comfort zone, to take ownership of your life!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to feel tired, to procrastinate just a bit, to put off doing the chores for just one more day, and sometimes we genuinely don’t have enough hours in a day! But what is important is that you identify the areas you need to improve on, and then you set out to do just that – improve!

And if you are a woman who dares to DREAM, and you wake up with that burning desire inside of you, to do more, to be more, and to accomplish goals you may have set for yourself, then these two words “No Excuses”should be your motto. So make a vision board, write your bucket list, and really hold onto it – your purpose, your reason for rising above challenges, the “Why I do what I do”, because..

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In the meanwhile, here are some stepsyou can take to have #noexcuses & be more productive with your time:

  1. Prioritize – do the biggest, most important or most daunting tasks first. If doing laundry put you off, get down to it and load the washer first before you put it off for later.
  2. Set yourself SMART goals – short-term goals that are quantifiable, achievable, realistic and time-bound work best; remember only you know yourself best, so set goals that push you, challenge you but don’t set unrealistic goals that you know you will not be able to achieve for whatever reason. You are human after all, cut yourself some slack!
  3. Say “No”! – you cannot please everyone; so don’t spread yourself too thin by taking on tasks you cannot do or offer to help with someone else’s needs by placing your needs or your family’s requirements on the backburner! Those who love you will understand & respect you all the same.
  4. Start an exciting new project – nothing gives a better sense of accomplishment than taking up something you’re passionate about and really working on it! For me, it was starting my own e-commerce business as well as to start writing again about topics I love! Alhamdulillah, I have managed to do both and to be honest, writing this first piece was a challenge! But even though it took time for me to start, to get my thoughts in order, writing my first blog has no doubt given me an immense sense of achievement & motivated me to write more!

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So ladies, whether you are a mom or just someone who has forgotten what it feels like to dream, to have an ambition, or to do something for yourself for a change, then just remember, you’re never too old, too busy, too tired or too late to begin! Just get up & do it. No Excuses. And watch it all fall into place.


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Zahra Vk is a mum of two naughty but beautiful little children aged 3 & 1.5 years. She is an MBA professional in Event & PR Management from Amity University Dubai, a passionate creative writer, wellness advocate and a women’s empowerment enthusiast. She is the founder of WoWw – Women of  Wisdom & Wellness (FB Group), as well as The Wellness Legacy, which is a one-stop shop for your health requirements based on whole food nutrition and simple lifestyle changes.
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