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I’m extremely glad to share my thoughts on the book ‘Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master: A Yogi’s Autobiography’. I coincidentally saw an interview of Sri M on the YouTube suggestions, which grabbed my attention and, within the day I had ordered 3 of his books.

OMG! What a book it is! Being religiously skeptic, spiritually inclined, a strong believer of ‘mind over matter’ and, a huge fan of conspiracy theories, the book has become a revelation to me. The book throws light on subjects like Astral projection, Teleportation, Telepathic communication, multi-dimensional Universe, and extraterrestrial beings.

(In April 2020, US government officially released UFO videos as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena)…/po…/pentagon-ufo-videos/index.html
Also, several UFO sightings happened in the major cities in India:

In several interviews, Sri M explained how scientifically the above conspiracy theories could occur in real life, and how human beings could witness multi-dimensional miracles when certain idle parts of our body (especially our brain) get activated. In the book, he mentioned several scientific procedures, that had been done to his body, to open a doorway to inexplicable phenomena.

Malayalam interview with John Brittas:
Speech at Google:

About Sri M: Born as Mumtaz Ali Khan into a wealthy Muslim family in Trivandrum, Kerala. His spiritual journey, along with his love for the Himalayas, started from his childhood when he met a stranger under a Jackfruit tree near his home. The stranger assured Sri M that he would meet him again, and he would understand the purpose of his life at the right time. His affinity with ancient Indian scripts originated from his father’s library. At the age of nineteen, he began his journey to the Himalayas, and after constant struggles, he reached his Guru Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji (He was the one whom Sri M met under the Jackfruit tree before). His life with Babaji was fascinating, and Sri M had been introduced to several enlightened people by him, including Babaji’s master, Mahavatar Babaji (who, according to Sri M, still resides in another dimension). He even witnessed the extraterrestrial reptilian beings (from another Galaxy called Nagaloka) visiting his Guru.

Sri M doesn’t consider himself a Human God. Moreover, he leads an ordinary life just like us and, he is a married man with kids. He currently instructs the spiritual practices that he studied from his Guru and other spiritual masters, whom he met on his spiritual journey. Sri M is against fake Human Gods who perform magic to get people’s trust and money. He and his friends formed a group called The The Satsang Foundation , which advocates oneness of humanity, conducts charity works and, it also manages schools offering free education.

I know not all of my friends will be interested in this book, even this ultra-long post of mine. Many of you will be skeptical of the things mentioned in the book and of Sri M. But, I still would strongly recommend you read the book once in your life because, like Sri M says, at least you will be able to improve your imagination power. Your imagination shapes your reality!
Now, about to start the sequel, ‘The Journey Continues’. 😊
Thank you for your patience! ❤️

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